Posted by: Jack Spratt | April 21, 2009

Six Flags New England – Where to Take your Kids

I came across this the other day – Six Flags New England Gets Ready for Bizarro! Turns out a new thrill ride is coming to the park this Memorial Day. With the last year of stock market news do we really need another big roller coaster ride?

Well, the folks at Six Flags New England obviously think we do.

To be honest I can take or leave the big thrill rides. I think I lost my thirst for them with a ride on the “Tower of Terror” at MGM in Orlando back in the nineties with a bunch of six-pack buddies. I’ve come to prefer to be more in control of any death-defying acts I chose to take part of these days – and roller coaster or similar rides don’t fit into that category.

But my traumatic experience should not deter you – or me from that matter – from visiting New England’s most grand theme park – Six Flags. There’s plenty of other stuff – like a water park – to enjoy.

Located in Agawam – where? – A town just outside Springfield, Six Flags is a clean, if a tad expensive, park. Well run and maintained it has the feel of a modern theme park rather than a throwback to amusement parks of the seventies with questionable safety and operator concerns. I remember my parents taking me there back in… no; we don’t have to go there.

Six Flags New England is part of the national Six Flags chain and a large chunk of investment has been made in the park over the years since change of ownership.

I’ve included it in my journal because it’s timely – Six Flags opens during school vacation week in Massachusetts – and guess what? It’s that time of the year already. If you’ve got kids – of any age – then maybe this is a chance to get them out for a day and let all that winter energy they’ve stored up be released!

The water park doesn’t open until Memorial Day – but then neither does Bizarro! And though its way too early for outdoor water activities in New England anyways – somehow I’m not too disappointed that Bizarro is not ready to accept screams and yells yet.

Like its big brother – Disney – Six Flags New England offers a “jump the line” method they call Fast Track. Fast Track is a device you pay extra for, and it sends you an alert when it’s your turn to take the ride(s) you choose. Effectively you still wait but not in line.

In my life I’ve experienced Disney theme parks in Orlando and California in addition to Six Flags in New England and the major difference for me is Disney is all about the experience, and Six Flags is about the rides.

You can’t describe Six Flags as quaint or charming or even historic, but entertaining for a few hours it certainly can be. And as a destination for most kids on Spring break it’s a welcome distraction from exams and the final rush towards last term at school.

Jack – who the heck was Bizarro anyway? – Sprat


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