Posted by: Jack Spratt | May 4, 2009

Peacham Village in the Northeast Kingdom

A few years ago my travels took me to Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and close to the town of Peacham. Peacham has the distinction of being the most photographed town in Vermont.

I visited in the spring but am told it is beautiful in the fall when the foliage is in full bloom and the town has a special celebration called Peacham Fall Foliage Day. I had to make do with a visit when the town was awakening from its long winter in this wilderness area close to the Canadian border.

Peacham boasts a population hovering around 650 and the town was settled in 1776 – so when people ask you what was the year of the American Revolution you can tell them it was the same year that Peacham in Vermont was settled.

Peacham is a little under 200-miles from Boston and located just south of St. Johnsbury, the largest town in the Northeast Kingdom and a place for travelers to stay if you’re in the area.

The town of Peacham attracts visitors for its remoteness and scenic beauty of rolling hills and city dwellers romantic imagination of how Vermont should look. The town has a white clapboard church, red barns, an intriguing country store, a blacksmith shop, and close to town are an Alpacas farm and the Peacham Bog Natural Area.

In the summer and fall visitors stroll around the town with nowhere in particular to go and relax and enjoy the hospitality of the residents, and sooner or later wander into Peacham Store – an old-fashioned Vermont country store.  The store sells light fare to take out and eat on the porch but dining requires driving to nearby towns.
The town is featured in a coffee-table book called “New England’s Most Beautiful Villages” and I certainly wouldn’t argue with the selection.

The main road through Peacham is called the Bayley Hazen Road and it connects Peacham to another celebrated village in the Kingdom called Craftsbury. The road was originally commissioned by George Washington in anticipation of military campaigns against the British Troops located across the Canadian border. But it was abandoned once it was realized the British could also use it for conducting their campaigns. The road stretches for 54-miles.

Traveling in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont offers peace and uncomplicated relaxation that most of us will find hard to enjoy. If you find yourself visiting and looking for a list of things to see and do then you’ve missed the point of visiting Peacham. Peacham is a village to relax in and not do anything but wander around and wish there were a few more days in the year when you could do the same.

Enjoy a visit to the Kingdom and Peacham.

Jack Sprat


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