Posted by: Jack Spratt | May 20, 2009

New New England Vacation and Getaway Video

The folks over at New England Vacation Guide have produced a promotional video for the region highlighting a lot about New England that attracts visitors.

I love the video and the great images they chose to use to showcase the region.

My only criticism with the video is it would have been nice to have the name of the location for each image. Some of the images – like Boston – are so well know that you don’t have to name them. But others – like the lighthouses, covered bridges and fall mountain pictures – could have been identified so viewers could have included those locations in planning their trips.

Outside that it’s way better than the average YouTube video about New England which is usually somebody with a handheld video camera driving around on their vacation and boring the pants off everybody for 40 minutes with a “cloverfield”-type video of their car, hotel room and feet.

Sorry – it’s a pet peeve of mine about YouTube.

Anyway here is the video:

This weekend is Memorial Day in the U.S. Have a safe one and get out and enjoy some of the destinations and locations in the video!

Jack Spratty


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