Inside this digital journal and scrapbook I share my favorite scenes of New England.

Some will be beautiful and serene and exciting and entertaining. Others will be harsh and unforgiving. For that is life in New England. The weather, the coast, the mountains, the lakes, the seafood, Boston, sports, politics… and the history.

Always the history. But always the people as well.

You won’t find many photos as I can’t be bothered to deal with the time-wasting royalty stuff that average photographers put you through. So if I took a photo when I visited and it’s worthy of inclusion I’dd add it, otherwise… just the words.

I hope you enjoy the places and stories and opinions I share. In a world of fast-paced reactions, there are places in New England where time has stood still. And you can put the rest of mankind behind you when you find your spot here.

Jack Sprat


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